Colsan supply all the components required to build a hearing aid or assisted listening device.

We can help you select the best mix of components for BTE, CIC, ITE, RIC hearing aids.

  • Microphones
  • Receivers / Speakers
  • Faceplates
  • DSP
  • Combination units – faceplates with built-in microphones
  • Electromechanicals – Volume controls, miniature switches, trimmers
  • Connector and programming systems

In all hearing aids sound enters through a microphone, it is then processed and amplified and delivered to a receiver (loudspeaker). This sends the output either directly to the user’s ear canal, or via tubing to an ear-mould and into the ear canal. Colsan have all the products to achieve this process and currently supply all the major hearing aid manufacturers.

Analogue & Digital Operation in Hearing Aids

The original analogue signal is processed as an electrical signal. In a digital hearing aid, however, the acoustic signal is converted into digits (0, 1), processed within the hearing aid, then reconverted to an analogue acoustic signal for the user.

Analogue sound processing

Analogue sound processing basically means that the movements in the air that make sound are translated into one unified, but complex electrical current by a microphone. Colsan have a range of Microphones, both Omni and Directional at various power levels dB and Frequency response.

Digital sound processing

With digital sound processing, the sound is registered mathematically. It is encoded as a series of numbers that measure its pitch and volume at a given instant in time. Processing the sound bit by bit is much more precise, and certain details can be changed without affecting the overall sound. The digital signal is more robust than an analogue signal, a digital signal can be repeated accurately and repetitively without affecting the overall quality. Colsan have a range of Analogue and Digital signal processing products that deliver a high quality sound output with programmability. We have all the components required for manufacturing hearing aids from Matched Pair Microphones to the smallest Trimmer. Our CU10 combination unit incorporates the 6074 & 6374 microphones. We also have an extensive range of Active and Passive Telecoils.   Home