Colsan supply a full range of miniature speakers for use in high end earphones and headphones. Professional in-ear monitors High-end consumer earphones and headsets.

We can supply you with driver assemblies or individual components. All our drivers use balanced armature technology giving excellent detail and accuracy of sound reproduction, all in a small package which can fit entirely within the ear canal.

Colsan supply a pre-built dual driver assembly and triple driver assembly with integrated crossover network for building into custom moulds. Coupled with Colsan’s cable assemblies and dampers we supply all the hardware required for a top sounding IEM.

Multiple driver assemblies for IEM applications:

Part Number

1723 AucPass IEM assembly based on a 17A012/9 and 2331 receiver
10061 Dual driver assembly with cross-over network, with 1 sub-woofers and 1 tweeter
10062 Triple driver assembly with cross-over network, with 2 sub-woofers and 1 tweeter